What Implement a Mobile-Friendly Site Involves

mobile-friendlyMobile is changing the world with almost everyone having a smartphone today, to consistently communicate and look for information on the web. In many developed countries, the number of smartphones has easily surpassed the number of personal computers and having a mobile friendly site has become a critical factor in online presence. On April 21st, 2015 Google begun rolling out its mobile-friendly update which makes mobile friendliness a stronger ranking factor for mobile searches. This algorithm dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’ has resulted in thousands of non-optimized websites being left out in search results.

Why Go Mobile?

The desktop version of a website might be difficult to use and view on a mobile device. Any content that is not mobile-friendly who require the user to pinch or zoom to read content. The zooming is a frustrating experience and users are likely to abandon the site. Ensure your users have a good experience on your site when visiting sites from mobile devices. It is important to reach your customer base on your site, and in this digital age, it means ensuring people on mobile devices can easily find and browse your site.

Implementing Mobile-Friendly Platform

implementing-responsiveTo transit an existing desktop site to become mobile, use sections of content from the desktop site and organize them in a mobile-friendly design pattern. When starting to build a site for the first time, you can go mobile by selecting a responsive theme or template for your site. If you have the technical skills, the work becomes easier.

Going mobile will most likely cost you time and money if you have to hire an expert developer. With many content management systems available today, they profile mobile-optimized themes and templates to facilitate creating a new site. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Tumblr and other CMS website owners interested in creating a mobile friendly site can be guided by their respective CMS developer dedicated guide

Checking if Your Site is Mobile Friendly

If you haven’t made your website mobile friendly you should, as the majority of users coming to your site are highly likely to be using mobile devices. If you do not know that your site is mobile friendly, take a Mobile Test Now . When building a site for the modern mobile devices, make it easy for customers by helping your site visitors complete their objectives. Measure the effectiveness and responsiveness of your website by how easily mobile customers can complete common tasks. When building a site, you should select a template, theme or design that is consistent with all devices.

To achieve the required webmaster guidelines in terms of design, technical and quality guidelines, ensure that you give your visitors the information they are looking for. Ensure that other sites link to your site. Links help the web search engine crawlers find your site and give it greater visibility in search results. Ensure that your site is easily accessible, which can be achieved by building your site with logical link structure, with every page reachable from at least one static text link. Do not fill your page with a list of keywords in an attempt to cloak pages as deceptive pages will be ignored.

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