Top 7 Serious SEO Mistakes That Every Business Must Avoid

SEO (search engine optimization) word cloud business conceptSEO has grown into the most popular marketing tool for many contemporary businesses. Unlike the orthodox advertising methods, this tool is cheap, easily available and can reach billions of clients and potential customers in a few seconds.

Despite such great benefits, many businesses still experience hurdles when using SEO marketing strategies. Success using SEO marketing is pegged to high site rankings by top search engines and the struggle to obtain such rankings is faced by almost every other business. However, there are entrepreneurs who have utilized SEO successful by avoiding critical mistakes that can compromise site rankings. We have compiled a list of 7 grave mistakes that can make SEO frustrating and unfruitful for businesses.

  1. Taking Keyword Search Lightly

Keywords are the basis of any search that a web user makes. From the onset, businesses that do not focus on generating the correct keywords can never gain much from SEO marketing. Unique keywords help to steer traffic to your site while the common keywords make you more obscure among millions of web users.

KEYWORD word cloud, business conceptThis is not to encourage entrepreneurs to create keywords that make no sense in the pretext of “uniqueness”. Neither should you stuff several words together in order to attract more people to your site. Such tactics will only land you on the last pages of the top search engines. Keywords ought to be chosen carefully, taking into consideration the needs and tastes of potential clients being targeted.

  1. Employing Tricks and Black-hat SEO Techniques

Tricks or black-hat techniques are usually deceptive means used by website owners to get better rankings at a fast rate. However, the top search engines usually have algorithms that look out for these tricks or black-hat techniques. Cheating algorithms is how businesses that have low-quality content and low traffic try to get top rankings without fulfilling all the guidelines.

There are many tricks including stuffing of keywords and buying links that these top search engines keep weeding out. While these black-hat techniques may work for a short period, the search engines often change the algorithms and upgrade them to weed out the latest tricks. Instead of spending so much time and energy trying to beat the rules, it is best to stick to the rules and get the longer lasting results.

  1. Content IssuesTraffic to Website

The content on your website is a huge determinant of whether your SEO rankings will go up or down. Poor content has caused many sites to remain on the last pages of top search engines. This can range from poorly written articles or thin articles with very little information for web users. Additionally, duplicate content or plagiarizing content from other websites is yet another serious mistake that businesses often make. This can result in penalties from the top search engines. Generally, you must ensure that your content is fresh and well written. Regular updates can also help to retain and attract more traffic to your site.

  1. Having a Website that is Not Responsive

A website that is not responsive can also hurt SEO site rankings and this is mainly because many clients nowadays tend to make online searches through their mobile devices and other technological hand-held devices. In fact, statistics reveal that most web users no longer use the traditional desktop computers for online searches because they have upgraded to smartphones and other hand-held technological devices. It is, therefore, imperative that your website is digitized to make it more user-friendly and accommodating to all clients regardless of the devices they are using.

  1. Failing to Localize Content

With time, many web users gave stopped making generalized web searches. Instead, most users are now resorting to adding geographical locations to their keywords to make their searches more specific. Unfortunately, most businesses are yet to adopt this method, and this has come with a cost as their websites fail to pop up in localized search results. You can avoid this easily by including the location of your business in your keywords.

  1. Non-Utilization of Social MediaSeo web page

The commercial world has not been left out in the social media craze and when it comes to SEO marketing, linking social media sites to your website is imperative. This not only provides an avenue to reach out to millions of potential clients who are social media users but is also a great way of interacting with your current clientele. The fact that social media is free for everybody makes it even more cost effective.

  1. Aiming for Quick Results

It is okay to be ambitious but expecting quick results with SEO strategies can set you up for failure. This is because there are so many e-commerce websites out there that are putting even more effort to compete effectively. Getting high rankings amongst top search engines and a good return on investment for your SEO strategy will therefore demand patience because it will not happen overnight.

Regardless of the size of your business, SEO marketing is very important as a marketing tool. It also has a high return on investment. However, you will need to avoid these mistakes in order to reap the most from SEO marketing.

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