The Dos and Don’ts of Improving SEO Site Rankings

seoThe essence of creating any website is to have people visit it and view its content as many times as possible. Ultimately, the more clicks and web page views your site gets, the higher its ranking amongst top search engines. This simply means that when users type keywords related to your site on different search engines, your website will pop up first. Regardless of if you are looking to market your products over the internet or disseminate valuable information through your site, high SEO site ranking is essential in achieving your end goal. Additionally, high site ranking can help you make more money through “pay per clicks” or “pay per views as well as advertisements placed on your web page.

Unfortunately, not many website owners enjoy high site rankings. In fact, most people struggle to attract traffic to their web pages. You cannot expect top search engines to rank your site highly if it has few visitors. If you are just launching your website and need tips on how to get high site rankings and increase traffic to your site, then we have special tips for you to consider. However, if you have been doing things wrong and getting poor site rankings, this article will steer you in the right direction.

How to Achieve High SEO Site Rankings

There are four primary ways through which you can attract high traffic to your site and increase your site ranking:

a) Quality Contentwhite hat seo

The content on your website is the most important aspect if you are seeking to improve your site ranking. No search engine will rank your site at the top if it has scanty and poorly researched information. If a search engine takes this risk, it will end up frustrating the users who click on your website, only to find poorly written information. Such users will, in turn, find alternative search engines that rank sites with rich content highly. You have no choice but to write quality and relevant content if you want your website to be ranked highly.

b) Regular publications and content updates

Continually updating your website with fresh content on a regular basis can do wonders for your site ranking. Writing quality content might earn you top site rankings, but the consistency with which you publish new information will ensure that your page remains on the top list of search engines. It is therefore advisable to publish at least two articles on a weekly basis as this will help to sustain your readers’ interest. If the worse comes to the worst and you do not have time to publish regularly, then you should aim at spinning new content every fortnight.

c) Creating Useful Links

Having links to more content is an excellent tool for increasing traffic to your website and also improving its SEO site ranking. However, these links must be used carefully as they can either appease or annoy your web users. If you choose to use links, then you should make them as relevant to the topic of discussion as possible. In addition, you should only use links that will provide the users with richer content. How you phrase your links also matters as readers are more like to click on a link with a specific name, rather than one with a “click here” sign.

d) Use of Metadata

Traffic to your website

Traffic to your website

A metadata is more or less a summary of your title, content or even keyword. Web users often use metadata to guide them to the right site. Your metadata should therefore be concise enough not to overwhelm the reader and precise enough to communicate the intended message accurately. The title metadata being the most important should be catchy yet accurate as it will be displayed on the window of the browser. Description metadata should be brief yet compelling so that it piques every reader’s interest. Keyword metadata must capture a wide variety but also be kept to a minimum of 8 phrases to avoid confusing web users.

Obstacles to High SEO Site Rankings

Now that you know how to raise your SEO site rankings, you also need to know the actions that can abate your efforts and lower your site rankings.

(a) Using tricks

The use of tricks to increase SEO site rankings is very popular especially among website owners who want to increase their rankings fast and earn more money from their sites. Some sites will give you tips on how to cheat the search engines, but tricks are not a sustainable method of getting top rankings because they keep on changing. Furthermore, the efforts used in keeping up with the latest tricks can be channeled to spinning quality and relevant content. Inevitably, once you focus on regularly providing quality content as opposed to getting highly ranked and making more money, you will get the high SEO rankings that you desire and deserve.

b) Poor websites

Traffic to WebsiteEven if you perform all the right necessary things, yet you maintain a website that is not user-friendly, your SEO site ranking is less likely to shoot upwards. Your content must be presented in an attractive manner, and the website must be able to load it at a fast rate. This will keep the traffic to your site flowing and increase its ranking amongst the top search engines.

All said and done, improving SEO site rankings is not rocket science. Search engines can only rank your site highly if it has resourceful content that is regularly updated and provides useful links for users. Conversely, tricks and non-user friendly websites are huge obstacles to achieving these top rankings. With this knowledge, you hold the key to improving your SEO site rankings.

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