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How to Come up With Great Business Strategy


Do you ever wonder why some companies are more successful and perform better than others? Companies such as Amazon have been around for many years and continue to dominate to new markets and quash competition. There was one time I was contracted by a towing service company to come up with a winning strategy to beat competition. It’s always never an easy task to come up with a great business strategy, but out of research and evaluation of market, potentials and competition, you can draw a winning strategy.

If you need to develop a winning strategy, there are a couple of ways to go about it.

Have clear-long term objectives

You need to develop a long strategic plan that is realistic. You need to understand and set out what type of products and services you will be looking forward to build and sell. Understand your customers and define the market you will look forward to conquer. What type of activities will you be doing to get to your desired future state?



What opportunities have you seen in the market? You need to perform a careful evaluation of the opportunities that exist in the future and how such opportunities might evolve with time. You need to gather more data and facts before you can settle on a decision. Have a clear diagnostic of risks and anticipated challenges that might come up along the way, as well as a mitigation plan.


For you to stand a chance of surviving a tough market, you must be innovative. Ensure that the products and services you build are unique and have a clear differentiation. These products and services should be aligned to your business. Think for example of the time Apple launched iPod, which turned out to be a truly innovative product. The company has since done remarkably beyond expectations and their brand continues to make a lot of noise.


You need to ensure that your strategy continues to remain as competitive as possible. You have to choose a market that is either not well served or underserved. It would be a golden opportunity if you choose a market that has very little competition or no competition at all. That way, you will be able to capture the market, dominate it and build your brand. You should also consider economies of scale by lowering your goods and services, while still remaining competitive. Ensure you have the right stakeholders that can help your business scale.

Top 6 Reasons Why SEO Strategy is Not Optional for Your Business

SEO Concept Wooden Letterpress TypeSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important marketing tools in the business world today. Businesses such as Fairfax Tow Truck are evaluating organic search results from the top search engines and has become a highly sought after tool used in reaching out to clients across the globe. As an entrepreneur, you are definitely losing out if your business does not have a proper SEO strategy in place. Many predictions concerning the ultimate failure of SEO are yet to materialize. These four reasons can explain why SEO has exponentially grown into an indispensable tool for businesses today:

Competitive Edge in Business

Are you aware that your business rivals are investing heavily in SEO strategies? An excellent case study is Decatur HVAC, a business that has grown tremendously due to its effective SEO campaign. If you want to stay competitive and relevant in the market, then SEO is not an option, but a MUST. The today’s business world is very competitive, and you cannot afford to be left behind. The SEO tool is a marketing tool that can help you maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

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How to Create a Web Analytics Measurement Strategy for Your Business

goalThe number of available data sources is growing massively by the day. As a marketer, you have to be data-driven else you shall miss out on making an impact in the marketing space. Most marketers have been spending a lot of money and resources on marketing activities such as lead generation, pay-per-click ads, content development, and search engine optimization, among others. However, though these are important, the single most important thing you need for your marketing efforts is web analytics.

Web Analytics

The efficiency of web analytics is well pronounced. It can help you improve the effectiveness of your content, ad traffic, email conversions, SEO and other aspects of digital marketing. It can be an effective data analytics that sets you on a path for success. It is very important to know what type of data to collect and how you will collect it. When looking forward to setting an effective web analytics campaign, there are several things you must get right;


Business Goals

You need to list your business goals. If you have a website, ask yourself what you want the website to achieve. If you are running an e-commerce site, your sole purpose will be to have people buy your products. You need to set your goals from the onset. Your goals might be selling a product, displaying 3rd party ads for revenue collection, developing a good experience with your customers among others. All these goals must be clearly defined as they will set the basis for your data analytics efforts.

Select KPIs

Before you can select your KPIs, you need first to define your objectives and policies. Objectives are the intermediate steps that will help you analyze the progress of attaining your business goals.  To succeed in each of your objectives, you must set KPIs. The key performance indicators will vary from one industry to the other. Each department will have unique KPIs to achieve.


Decide on Segmentation and Reporting

A very important step in creating web analytics is setting a measurement strategy. Once you have started to collect data, it can be overwhelming if it is large enough. You need to understand which data to collect and which reports generating. The ability to generate easily adoptable reports will be very important in determining the success of your reporting. Data segmentation will be very important as it helps you dig valuable additional insights about your business and the approaches to take.

Top SEO Trends to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors Today

trendsThe world of SEO continues to change at a fast speed. Keeping a proper track of all shifts in the vast world of SEO is difficult. Each year brings a series of changes to the world of SEO. Tactics used yesterday may not work today and once that work today are not guaranteed to work tomorrow. Various SEO steps can be taken to help your company rise and give your business the acumen and credibility it needs to succeed in today’s market. Now that we have entered the fourth quarter of 2016, it is time we start preparing our digital strategies for 2017 and here are the trends;

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Understanding How Google SEO Algorithm Works

google-searchHave you ever wondered how Google’s SEO algorithms work? Algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want. Assume you perform a web search on any topic, say lawn care  specialists in Fredericksburg, thousands, if not millions of web pages with useful information appear. Algorithms are the computer formulas and processes that take your search questions and turn these questions into answers. Today, the Google’s algorithms depend on more than 200 unique signals or clues that make it possible for experts to guess what one might be looking for. These clues include factors such as freshness of content, terms on websites, your region and PageRank. Continue reading

What Implement a Mobile-Friendly Site Involves

mobile-friendlyMobile is changing the world with almost everyone having a smartphone today, to consistently communicate and look for information on the web. In many developed countries, the number of smartphones has easily surpassed the number of personal computers and having a mobile friendly site has become a critical factor in online presence. On April 21st, 2015 Google begun rolling out its mobile-friendly update which makes mobile friendliness a stronger ranking factor for mobile searches. This algorithm dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’ has resulted in thousands of non-optimized websites being left out in search results. Continue reading

5 Easiest SEO Tactics You Can Implement

seo1Search Engine Optimization encapsulates everything you need to do to improve your website ranking position in various search engine. The optimization includes configuration settings you have to apply to your site and techniques you use outside the boundaries of the site. If your site does not have an effective SEO strategy to drive consistent organic traffic, your lead generation efforts could be undermined.

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Top 7 Serious SEO Mistakes That Every Business Must Avoid

SEO (search engine optimization) word cloud business conceptSEO has grown into the most popular marketing tool for many contemporary businesses. Unlike the orthodox advertising methods, this tool is cheap, easily available and can reach billions of clients and potential customers in a few seconds.

Despite such great benefits, many businesses still experience hurdles when using SEO marketing strategies. Success using SEO marketing is pegged to high site rankings by top search engines and the struggle to obtain such rankings is faced by almost every other business. However, there are entrepreneurs who have utilized SEO successful by avoiding critical mistakes that can compromise site rankings. We have compiled a list of 7 grave mistakes that can make SEO frustrating and unfruitful for businesses.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Improving SEO Site Rankings

seoThe essence of creating any website is to have people visit it and view its content as many times as possible. Ultimately, the more clicks and web page views your site gets, the higher its ranking amongst top search engines. This simply means that when users type keywords related to your site on different search engines, your website will pop up first. Regardless of if you are looking to market your products over the internet or disseminate valuable information through your site, high SEO site ranking is essential in achieving your end goal. Additionally, high site ranking can help you make more money through “pay per clicks” or “pay per views as well as advertisements placed on your web page.

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Myths and Misconceptions about Search Engines

Seo web pageThe area of search engine optimization (SEO) is growing drastically with the latest trends and technologies in the IT industry. These technological advancements make SEO sophisticated each today. Over the past few years, many misconceptions have emerged about how search engines operate. For those beginning SEO, this may cause confusion about what is required to have a successful SEO campaign. In this article, we explore in details the myths and misconceptions associated with SEO.

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